Document and Media Storage

Our media storage center, "The Vault" is a temperature and humidity controlled facility converted from a decomissioned bank vault. Equipped with an alternate gas extinguisher system, there is no safer place in the city for your irreplaceable data.


Document Disposal

When your documents are no longer needed, we can arrange for them to be either shredded or recycled, depending on the sensitivity of their contents and the specific needs of your company.

Box Sales

Although we accept any standard sized banker's box ( 3.5' by 2' ) we also sell extremely durable and versatile storage boxes, available with a single wall and a hinged lid, or double walled with a removable top.

We also sell wardrobe boxes, which are a favorite of the movie industry.


Box or File Delivery

We pride ourselves on our unrivaled response time. In most cases, we deliver files or boxes to businesses in Metro Vancouver in less than three hours, and there is no surcharge for rush orders.