Frequently Asked Questions

By law, who is required to keep records?

  • persons carrying on a business or engaged in commercial activity;
  • persons required to pay or collect taxes or other amounts such as payroll deductions and goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) under the Income Tax Act, the Excise Tax Act, the Excise Act 2001, the Employment Insurance Act, the Canada Pension Plan, the Air Travellers Security Charge Act and the Softwood Lumber Products Export Charge Act, 2006 (SLPECA);
  • persons required to file an income tax or GST/HST return;
  • persons who apply for GST/HST rebates or refunds;
  • payroll service providers;
  • trusts;
  • non-profit organizations;
  • a registered agent of a registered political party;
  • an official agent for a candidate in a federal election;
  • agents authorized under the Senate Appointment Consultation Act;
  • universities;
  • colleges;
  • municipal corporations;
  • hospitals;
  • school authorities; and
  • qualified donees such as:
    • a registered charity;
    • a registered Canadian amateur athletic association;
    • a housing corporation resident in Canada and exempt from tax under Part 1 of the ITA because of paragraph 149(1)(i) that has applied;
    • a municipality in Canada;
    • a municipal or public body performing a function of government in Canada that has applied;
    • a university outside Canada that is prescribed to be a university the student body of which ordinarily includes students from Canada; or
    • a charitable organization outside Canada to which Her Majesty in right of Canada has made a gift.

How long must records be kept?

if you file your return on time, keep your records for a minimum of six years after the end of the taxation year to which they relate. For specific terms relating to records retention, you should consult the regulations on the Government of Canada website.

How are your boxes organized?

All our boxes are assigned individual barcoded stickers and their location is scanned into a database that tracks the owner, location, and status of all boxes, either in transit or in storage.

I want to open an account with you, what is the first step?

The first step is to get in contact with us via our email address. We will discuss your storage needs, explain service and storage costs, and send you the barcoded stickers that will identify your individual boxes.

I have boxes ready for pickup. What do I do next?

Just send an email to stating how many boxes you have to be picked up, and any details specific to the pickup (ie: must come after 12PM, use the back door, etc.)

Can I request an individual file?

Absolutely. Just include in your email the name of the file requested and the box from which it is to be pulled.

How do you keep track of files that are taken from specific boxes?

When a file is pulled for delivery, it is barcoded and tracked in the same database as our storage inventory. It is tracked just like a box from the point of delivery request. We track only the files that are requested for delivery, so the contents of the boxes in storage must be indexed by the client in order to request a specific file.