Keeping Your Stored Materials Secure

There’s no greater consideration for your stored contents than their security. At Butler, “secure” means more than just 24/7 monitoring. We provide:

  • Video surveillance at all entrances and throughout the buildings
  • No public access beyond the reception area (clients are welcome to use a viewing room by appointment)
  • Barcode-based racking system to ensure confidentiality
  • Bondable records management employees
  • Marked and unmarked vehicles for pickup and delivery

Secure Data Vault

Our storage facility for digital media is a temperature- and humidity-controlled concrete vault with multiple layers of security. The fire-suppressant system uses an inert gas so that in the unlikely event of a fire, no water will be used which might damage the stored media.

Unmarked Warehouses

We utilize multiple warehouses for document storage, and these are unmarked, anonymous buildings in the downtown area. Entrances are secured and monitored, fully alarmed for both intrusion and fire.

Disaster Protection

No one likes to think of the catastrophic loss of documents and data, but it can happen to any company. We can help you set up a schedule of rotation for digital file storage and updating, not just for insurance against disaster, but also to help archive files and free up storage capacity.

Data Management System

The Client Access portion of our website is a separate password-protected portal for use by our customers. We’ve developed a simple database system that will let you track the storage and retrieval of your files. Clients ranging from lawyers to medical providers to accountants have found this service invaluable.


Switching Is Easy

Our Team Is On Your Side

Your Privacy Is Our Concern

We’ll make it easy for you to switch from your current storage provider. In fact, once we set up your customer storage program, the transition will be seamless, and you’ll appreciate the benefits of Butler service for years to come.

We can set up an individualised storage solution specifically for your company and your unique requirements. Find out more about our specialised services.

Canadian companies have very specific and sometimes arcane rules about document retention, especially when it comes to privacy and revenues. Find out what the experts are saying about document retention practices for your business.

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