Keeping Up On The Latest Intel

Laws and regulations change each year, and sometimes the implications to your business are unclear. This page is designed to provide you with some resources for keeping up-to-date on this intelligence.

The Canadian Advantage

Unlike U.S. storage companies, we are not confined by the provisions of the Patriot Act and similar American laws. Your stored contents are secure from unwanted scrutiny and “prying eyes.”


articleARMA Canada Region Professional Association

ARMA Canada Region represents association 14 chapters from Newfoundland to Vancouver, and Butler Box & Storage is, of course, a member. On this website you’ll find news and information about the Canadian Region of ARMA International, events, news and happenings in your region.

ARMA International

articleProper Recordkeeping Required By Law

If you’re engaged in a business or commercial activity in Canada, you’re required by law to keep adequate records for tax obligations. In addition, your records have to be supported by original documents. This link to the Canada Revenue Agency includes forms and publications to help you understand this requirement.

Canada Revenue Agency


articleDisaster Planning & Business Continuation

This is a link to the British Columbia Ministry of Health Services’ Emergency Management Unit (EMU). EMU ensures that the provincial health system is capable of planning for, responding to and recovering from the impacts of extreme events, whether natural, accidental or intentional in nature. Among its mandates is the need to identify and develop the infrastructure required to ensure emergency readiness sustainability. On this site you’ll find many informative links on a range of Emergency Management issues and activities.

Ministry of Health Services’ EMU


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